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Clear Whey Protein Powder
Clear Whey Protein Powder
Clear Whey Protein Powder
Clear Whey Protein Powder
Clear Whey Protein Powder

Clear Whey Protein Powder

Refreshing protein powder with juice consistency. 22g of protein, 0% fat, zero sugar.
Zero fat, Zero sugar. Delicious juice drink!

Nutritional Insights

Check Ingredients & Nutritional Facts
Check Ingredients & Nutritional Facts
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Clear Whey Protein Powder - 300g

✔️ Highest amount of protein on the market. 0% fat & only 0.4g carbohydrates per shake
✔️ Consistency more juice-like than traditional protein powder (with milky consistency)
✔️ Fantastic taste
✔️ Less than 90 calories per shake!
✔️ Protein helps you increase muscle mass and strength

Clear Whey Protein Powder is not your standard protein shake. It's the best of the best. Unlike traditional protein shakes that have a milky texture, Clear Whey contains hydrolysed protein which gives a lighter consistency with an incredibly high protein content & refreshing taste.

You need proteins both to develop more visible muscles and to burn fat more effectively. With a calorie content of less than 90 kcal, no added sugars and 22g of protein per serving (25g), Clear Whey protein powder is the perfect shake to help preserve muscle so you can reach your weight goal faster.

Tip: For long-term results: Combine Clear Whey protein powder with a controlled diet and regular exercise.

Clear Whey Protein Powder - 300g

Check Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Functional Benefits

😋 100% Taste, 0% Fat

Our Clear Whey Protein Powder tastes unlike any other protein powder shakes. It is refreshing, fruity with a water-like consistency, which is ideal for anyone who is looking for a high protein, low calorie shake without the milky texture.

🔥 Increase Fat Burning

Clear Whey Protein Powder ticks all the boxes for those looking to lose weight. Each shake contains zero sugar, zero fat and adds less than 90 calories to your daily calorie intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between SLIM Meal Replacement and Fat Burning Protein Powder?

Our SLIM meal replacement range can replace up to 2 meals per day because it contains 22 vitamins and minerals, protein and carbohydrates. Specifically designed to help you lose weight faster and have a delicious, filling meal in no time!

Our fat burning protein powder is great for those that train/exercise as it is a great source of protein (21.5g) as well as helping boost metabolism. 

Can the shakes be mixed with water or milk?

Our shakes can be mixed with either water or a milk of your choice.

Shipping and Delivery

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Can I track my package?

All orders can be tracked. Once you place an order you will receive a tracking link to your email after your order has been shipped.

If I order now, when will my package arrive?

If you place your order before midnight tonight, you can expect you order to be with you the next day, even on weekends!

Where is my scoop?

Sometimes it ends up a little further down in the powder during shipping. Use a spoon or a fork to mix around the powder and rest assured you will find it there.